Family guy

What does it take to be a great family, where member love and support each other? Each family has their own unique struggles, but what makes them stronger are the ways in which they overcome burdens and celebrate the joys — together. How do you achieve this closeness? It begins with the simple things: Talking, laughing, healthy arguing (yes, even disagreements can have a positive outcome!) And it continues with open dialogue, support and love.

Candy land

Candy land was made in the early 1940s.a game many people remember fondly as the first board game they ever played.Milton Bradley, now Hasbro, has produced Candy Land for more than 50 years. Today, along with the standard edition, the game is available in CD-ROM, as a hand-held electronic game, and in special character editions. It is also produced in a Step-a-Tune edition featuring an oversize board and audio contributions from Grandma Nut, Mr. Mint, and Princess Lolly.this was one of my favorite games.

Tourist spots

3 good tourist attractions in America are everywhere. If you like to see presidents and history go to Washington, D.C. It has history and monuments that are fantastic. If you like water parks go to kalihari it has big water slides and lazy rivers that are good for excitement and relaxation and has a big arcade and food. Β If you like roller coasters go to cedar point or kings island, kings island has water roller coasters and water park also with roller coasters and food restaurants.

Burmese pythons



Did you know burmese pythons can grow up to 200 pounds and be as long as 23 feet ? These eating machines got to the Everglades in Florida and they are causing the animals in the Ecosystem to die and they are changing the Everglades everyday.


Burmese pythons are changing the animals. They are wiping out huge numbers of opossums, raccoons, Bobcats,squirrels , as well as many bird species. These killer carnivores primarily survive on mammals and birds and other animals.


Pythons have been changing the people also. People in and around the area of the Everglades have been crowding the area. The states fish and wildlife commission has sponsored its Python challenge that has been here since 2013. They have a grandprize of $1,500 awarded to the hunter who kills the most pythons, and another $1,000 to the Hunter who bags the longest Python. That means when the hunt starts for 30 days, hundreds of people will be armed with shotguns, handguns, rifles, machetes,Β  hooked spears ,Β  and ect . Many people who have never seen a Burmese python will roam the Everglades in search of these coveted snakes.


Pythons are very deadly animals and are eating all the animals. To kill their prey they first grasp it with their back curving teeth, and when the animal tries to purr away it only sinks further into the pythons grip. Then the python coils its long and powerful body around the animal and squeeze it till it dies.


Some people think that the Burmese python hunt is a bad idea because people can get hurt and it could affect the other snakes because some people never seen a python so they will just kill the first snake they can find and Β not even know it’s a Burmese python.


Hopefully soon the Burmese pythons population will decrease and no longer affect the other animals in the Everglades, Florida.

Should kids get paid for chores?!

What’s wrong with kids getting paid to clean the house? In addition I think kids should get paid to do chores . There is a disagreement whether kids should get paid for doing chores or not . Kids should get paid because they learn responsibility, they learn how to manage money , and we will have a better relationship with our family.
First of all,Kids should get paid because they learn responsibility . Kids have a lot to manage like homework and after school activities if kids get paid to do chores they will have to manage there time better and the will learn more responsibility .
Secondly,Kids should also get paid to do chores because they will learn how to manage money . If kids get paid to do chores when they buy stuff with there money they will think of all the hard work and time they spent earning the money .
And thirdly,Kids should get paid to do chores because study’s show they have a better relationship with there family . If you have a better relationship with your family then you will be happier in the end . And study’s show you can be more successful in school and careers .
Some people say kids should not get paid to do chores because parents don’t get paid to do things around the house . I think they are wrong because parents do things to keep the house clean and if they didn’t do the things around the house then the house wouldn’t be clean . And if kids get paid to do them then they can help parents around the house and still earn something for them .
I think kids should get paid because they learn responsibility, they will learn how to manage money, and study’s show kids have a better relationship with there family. And that’s why I think kids should get paid to do chores.